We are excited to see you at the Brooklyn Film FestivalMy Name is Pedro will be screening Sunday, June 10th at the Wythe Hotel, Brooklyn.

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Who was your most inspirational teacher? For thousands of students in the Bronx and elsewhere, that teacher is a man named Pedro Santana. Yes, we’ve seen inspiring documentaries about the failings of our public education system before. Yes, we’ve seen stories of inspirational educators who bravely try to change the system. But if you don’t know Pedro…..well, you don’t know jack! Pedro may just be the definition of an iconoclast. In a story as uplifting as it is troubling, he is a man who throws a very wide shadow. This brilliant documentary might at first seem like déjà vu, before the story zigs and zags in ways that will leave you thinking…”OMG, didn’t see that coming.” Wonderfully human, yet epically important, My Name Is Pedro will challenge your notion of what it means to be “Fiercely Independent” as it brings into focus how seriously in jeopardy our country’s education system is. — Jeff Morris





We are excited to see you at the Brooklyn Film FestivalMy Name is Pedro will be screening Tuesday, June 5th, and Sunday, June 10th at the Wythe Hotel.

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After screening at The Chicago Latino Film FestivalMy Name Is Pedro won the Audience Choice Award for Best Documentary!

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On the same night that we opened The Women’s Filmmaker Showcase for BAFF in NYC, we were invited to screen at The Chicago Latino Film Festival in April, 2018!


Thank you i – D  and Vice for naming us one of the ‘fabulous discoveries’ from the Woodstock Film Festival.

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Thank you Hollywood Times for the wonderful review!

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We are thrilled to announce My Name Is Pedro was named Honorable Mention for Best Documentary at the Woodstock Film Festival.

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Thank you to the WOODSTOCK FILM FESTIVAL for our two fantastic SOLD OUT WORLD PREMIERE screenings.